The Kinetico Story

The Kinetico Story

Kinetico Water Softeners Ireland

Kinetico is a manufacturer of water treatment systems such as water filters, reverse osmosis systems, iron removal filters, water softeners, whole house water filters and other water treatment products.

The popular compact Kinetico Premier Water Softener works by feeding hard water into one of the twin tanks. Within the tank, the calcium and sodium minerals are exchanged with sodium ions, resulting in soft water.

Customers can find Kinetico water treatment systems through local specialist partners, but the company does not sell directly to consumers.This means independent partners like Red House Water Systems Ltd in Dublin have the flexibility to offer our clients the best water treatment solutions. Kinetico was built on the idea of keeping happy lifelong clients and a water softener system that will last. Kinetico units that were installed back in the ’80s are still in operation today.

Kinetico History

Kinetico systems was started in 1970 by Bill Prior and Jim Kewley who were budding engineers with a vision to change the world. Water treatment technology hadn’t changed much in years and it seemed like the old water softener designs in particular were falling short of what the market needed.

With problems such as constant service due to defective electronics, wasteful regeneration cycles, or excessive wear on the resin media, the standard single tank electric design of the period was falling short. Bill and Jim began from the bottom up redesigning each piece of the Kinetico water softeners and filters to create something that would last and be easy to maintain. The result was the water softener and filtration systems they invented use kinetic energy (water pressure) instead of electricity to power themselves – Kinetico advanced water systems.

How Do Kinetico Water Softeners Work?

Kinetico water softeners are completely powered by moving water and do not require electricity. They are salt-based and prevent limescale by removing calcium and magnesium from your tap water. Kinetico work with factory-certified, local specialists like Red House Water Systems who offer consultation appointments, free hard water tests plus full installation and service.

The Kinetico company produces efficient, built-to-last water softeners and reverse osmosis systems for homes, schools and offices. Kinetico’s water treatment systems are non-electric, fully automatic and low-maintenance. Installed by Red House Water Systems, a Kinetico water treatment system can extend the life of your plumbing, household appliances and clothes as well of course improving water taste and quality.


Is Kinetico worth the money?

As Kinetico is the first non-electric, twin tank, completely automatic water softener system, it eliminates the problems associated with electric units and has added advantages.

How many years does a water softener last?

Typical electric powered single tank water softeners can last around 10 to 15 years, depending on the brand and quality you buy. You can expect a Kinetico water softener like the Kinetico Premier to last as many as 20 years. Remember though, no appliance lasts forever.

Does a Kinetico softener use less salt?

Kinetico softeners can use 70% less salt than other brands. In the long run, if you’re looking for a high-quality, low-maintenance water softener, Kinetico is one of the best options.

What kind of salt do Kinetico water softeners use?

Kinetico water softeners use evaporated salt, which in Ireland can be bought in the form of salt blocks from Red House Water Systems or Perfect Water Systems. Evaporated salt is the purest type of sodium chloride. Lower grade salts or rock salt are not recommended due to possible contamination with foreign particles which could cause maintenance and service issues.

Do Kinetico water softeners need maintenance?

Water softeners require new salt to be added periodically. This usually depends on the volume of water being used in the home. Otherwise, Kinetico water softeners are low maintenance with the added benefit of lower running costs due to their non-electric design.

For anyone based outside of the greater Dublin area and who are interested in Kinetico products, please contact Perfect Water Systems Ltd. in Co Cork.

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