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Solving Water Quality Problems

Water quality is an issue that has raised more than a few concerns over the past few decades. Despite the continuing efforts of Government agencies like the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), local authorities/city/county councils and local water schemes, chances are very good that the water you use every day for drinking, cooking and bathing is far from pure.

Happy Red House Water Systems FamilyIf your water is supplied by a private well, it could be affected by contamination in the ground water from intensive dairy farm effluent or poorly maintained household septic tanks – and no one is treating it for those contaminants but you.

Even if your water is supplied through a public water scheme, there are many contaminants that may slip through. Some aren’t considered harmful but could have side effects like staining your teeth, or giving your drinking water an unpleasant odor, taste or appearance.

To complicate things still further, the water treatment chemicals that we put in our water to kill harmful bacteria leave traces in the water, and make it unhealthy or unpleasant for bathing or drinking.

If you suspect that your drinking water is contaminated, have it tested to determine what contaminants are present. The test results, showing and detailing each contaminant, will determine what sort of filtering system you need.

As a result, a home water filter or whole house water filtration system, may be one of the best and most important investments that you ever make.

Fluoride in Drinking Water

Almost everyone is aware of the controversy surrounding water fluoridation in the few countries that still carry it out. Fluoride is a generic term that describes a wide variety of substances containing element Fluorine. Slightly less toxic than arsenic, but more toxic than lead, fluoride is the most negatively charged and most chemically active of all elements on Earth. Which means that it loves to combine and recombine with other elements in its path, looking for stronger bond and creating even more toxic combinations.

In fact, Fluoride is considered a poison in almost all European countries except Ireland.

Contrary to the assurances of pro-fluoridation promoters, fluoride is anything but benign, and that’s why the chemical industry loves it. How do the industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and military interests love fluoride? Let us count the ways. Used to etch glass, ceramics and computer chips; refine petroleum products, make ceramic materials more porous, inhibit fermentation in breweries and wineries, polish aluminium, refine metals, and separate uranium isotopes in the production of nuclear warheads, fluoride is also a key ingredient in the most widely used insecticides and pesticides (rat poison), and is used in most general anesthetics, in many nerve gases (Sarin) and in many psychotropic drugs (Prozac). But what sounds like a dream lover for industry, is a toxic nightmare for the rest of us, as industry continually searches for new places to dispose of its fluoride waste.

Fluoride causes a wide variety of health problems, even when exposed in moderate levels:
1) It is Neurotoxic, and lowers IQ
2) Brain problems similar to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
3) The Department of Health of NJ found that bone cancer in male children was between 2 and 7 times greater in areas where water was fluoridated
4) Changes bone structure and strength – fluoride gradually builds up in bones and causes adverse changes to the bone structure
5) Causes birth defects and Perinatal Deaths
6) Impairs immune system
7) Causes Acute Adverse Reactions
8) Causes initial stages of Skeletal Fluorosis and Ostioarthritis
9) A permanent damage to the teeth
10) Suppresses thyroid function

This list can be continued. A large doses of fluoride can cause breathing problems (if inhaled as gas) and death.

Numerous studies exist that find NO EVIDENCE of any health benefits of water fluoridation.

If you are worried about fluoride in drinking water coming into your home, the best solution is to install one of two water purification technologies that consistently remove fluoride from water:
1) Reverse Osmosis systems
2) Cartridge filters (with a filter media specifically designed for removing Fluoride from water.

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