Ecowater eVolution Refiner Water Softener

Ecowater eVolution Refiner Water Softener

Economical, intelligent, high performance water softener and water filtration, for the larger sized household.

Installation includes:
EcoWater’s unique smart water softener technology
Durable ABS cover unit
Reinforced brine tank
Intelligent volumetric controls
Automatic salt level detection and tank light
Washed quartz underbedding
WiFi connectivity option
Softening Resin

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Ecowater eVolution Refiner Water Softener with WiFi

For the larger household, the Perfect Water Systems EcoWater eVOLUTION Refiner, provides the best water-softening technologies, while the integrated filtration with active carbon removes unpleasant smells, colours and bad tastes from the water.

This way, you can not only protect your pipes, domestic appliances and boiler against limescale, but you also enjoy delicious drinking water without that chlorine taste or smell, from any tap in your house.


This unit is recommended for your water at the time of testing, if the type of contamination or mineral content of your water changes over time it may be necessary to upgrade or invest in a new unit.

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